What are 10 really interesting things to know about Siberian huskies. Maybe you’re interested in buying one. So we’re going to go over some facts about Siberian husky. These are really awesome creatures. They’re really amazing dogs. Please get out of my face. I’m trying to shoot a video. All right. So numero uno Siberian huskies need a lot of exercise. Now, obviously, you probably already knew this because you’re here and you’re wondering about Siberian huskies. But they do require a lot of, let’s say, maintenance. You’ve got to go out and walk them probably at least once a day. They like to get a lot of walks. And if they’re not exercised, well, then guess what? They get into trouble. So a lot of people by huskies and they’re like, oh, my God, my husky won’t stop crying. My husky won’t stop tearing things up. My husky is just going out of control. Well, part of the reason is probably because you are not exercising your husky adequately. They need to be exercised regularly or they get into all sorts of trouble and start doing things like this. The second fact about Siberian huskies is that they love to be pack animals. They don’t like to be by themselves. So a lot of people get one Siberian husky and that’s the only dog that they have. Now, I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. It’s not because if you’re rescuing a husky. Good on you. But they do like to be in packs. They prefer to be with other huskies or other dogs. So make sure, you know, if you’re considering getting a husky, they like being with other huskies. Keep that in mind. The third thing you need to know about Siberian huskies is that they like to sleep in very, very strange positions. I mean, these dogs will find the weirdest positions to sleep in. They’ll sleep on their backs. They’ll sleep in an s shape. I mean, they will sleep in any way imaginable.

If a husky can imagine a sleeping position, they will make it come to fruition. I’m telling you guys, huskies love to chew stuff. They love it. It’s one of their favorite things to do when they’re super bored. And if you don’t have time to exercise them, this is probably one of the things they’re going to be doing if they’re not playing. They love to just non things. Chewing is a husky’s favorite pastime. Now, if you have a husky at home, you’re planning on getting a husky. You’re going to want to get a lot of chew toys like these NYLA bones. But they are great toys for your husky. They are very durable. They last a really long time, so they’re worth the money and your husky will really enjoy them. They put lots of hours into these toys, unlike other toys that typically break or just become destroyed after a few minutes. So definitely invest in some of these really good chew. Toy number 5. husky’s don’t like to be left alone. They really dislike being left by themselves. I like it when the alpha is around, so if you become your dog’s alpha, they will not like it when you leave.

And this causes a couple of problems. Sometimes it causes isolation. Anxiety, which is good to know is different from separation anxiety. So just keep that in mind. It’s something you may have to train your huskey to learn, because if they have problems being without you, it can become problematic and different situations like if you’re trying to leave them home when you go to work or if you’re trying to go on vacation. Like I said, any of these things that I’m telling you about that you have to keep in mind they can be trained to get over these things. If you are a good dog trainer, if you are a great alpha, a good master, you can make these dogs get used to any sort of situation or environment. They can become accustomed to it. So don’t get discouraged. There’s definitely a lot of good in these dogs. Number six, huskies are typically mega talkative. They really like to vocalize how they feel and what they’re what they want to do. You’re going to have a lot of noise coming from husky’s, especially if you have a lot of them. They tend to want to try and talk to people. They have their own language, their own little vocalization going on.

Hoo hoo.


So you will hear husky’s trying to make these like talking noises, kind of like that sort of thing. It’s really, really funny to listen to. But, you know, it can be annoying. So if you want to train your husky to control their talking feelings, you’re absolutely nuts.

Then it’s totally possible you can do that. But I’m just letting you guys know they are very, very vocal animals. They don’t bark a lot. They do bark sometimes. But the barking is not as crazy as the howling can be. Just keep in mind, huskies are talkers and they will make noise.

Number seven, huskies are very, very intimidating dogs for some reason. And I don’t know why, but every dog that huskies tend to run into, they just get really intimidated by them. I guess it’s because they look very wolf like. But huskies do intimidate other dogs when you try to socialize them, which is really important. You want to make sure you socialize your huskies really early on. You want to make sure that you do it with supervision because other dogs are often off put by huskies. They’re really, really handsome logos, but also they are very natural looking. And sometimes it just makes other dogs feel really uncomfortable. And you should be mindful of that because, you know, you want to respect other people’s dogs as well. Number eight, huskies are flippin smart. They’re some of the smartest dogs in the entire world. I have trained Helio to do a million flip and tricks. And I’ll show you right now, I’ve showed you 100 times. But I’ll show you again. He’ll come, please. Thank you so much, baby girl. Roll.

Girl, go. Good girl up, Nick. Sit. Healer stand. Go, girl, speak. He stand still standing.

A girl can get a Paul could get the other ball. Oh, you’re so smart. You’re so smart. You guys see huskies are insanely smart animals. They learn things. Mega Quigg, a man and huskies are very, very, very independent.

It’s going to take a while to teach them how to do things, to make them learn things the right way, because often huskies want to do things their way. That means that they will go out of their way to do the things that they want to do rather than the things that you want them to do. And this can be frustrating. So you need to keep that in mind. Back in the day when they were pulling sleds, they didn’t have people to tell them what to do. They had to figure out where the destination was on their own and take the person and the goods to that destination. So they have a lot of independence in their blood.

Number 10, huskies can live with cats. I know you guys are wondering how I have my huskies living with my cat.


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