American Akita: character and puppies

American Akita, easy to equate with the Japanese, also because there are those who call it “good Japanese animal” and definitely don’t support the less qualified to explain their thoughts. The International Cynological Federation recently recognized this breed, but it immediately received several appreciations and its popularity spread due to the history of Hachikō, belonging to Professor Hidesaburō Ueno, and the movie shot just on it, with Richard Gere as well as the dog among the protagonists.

American Akita: character

He’s touchy, but less so than his Japanese relative, the equally self-esteemed American Akita. He has a noble and proud character and poise, and is an outstanding protector, being attached and sensitive to human beings, particularly members of the community with whom he resides, but also others. Sure, since American Akita is also much more friendly, even more docile than Japanese. His home country is also used as a guide dog and as a police dog in the United States.

American Akita: puppies

Thanks to its nice and innocuous fluffy water, it is hard to educate a puppy of this type to the discipline, but it is necessary to do it precisely because the American Akita’s personality is so docile yet solid anyway.

If this dog doesn’t get used to socializing from an early age, there is a chance that he will continue with a distant disposition, even if he has to deal with other pets, it’s nice that he understands it otherwise instinctively, at the critical moment he transforms into a brawler with cats or dogs of small size, even if it’s not really the case. The American Akita usually tends to think instantly of his own self, so it must be taught in a solid and clear way.

American Akita: breeding

It is raised, particularly in the USA, that very few systems keep this breed in Italy. It wasn’t even officially recognized some time ago for which it was called a type of Akita Inu and its samples were primarily used as guards or hunting dogs.

White American Akita

American Akita’s coat can be any color: white as well as red or fawn, instead brindle and striped fur variants are accessible. The peculiarity for white dogs in monocolor is that they do not have the eye.

Black American Akita

Like all the other shades, the black American Akita has a double fur, the undercoat is heavy, smooth, compact and long while the outer coat is coarse and seems to be growing from the skin. The width differs from area to area: it is small on the neck, on the lower part of the legs and on the ears, while it exceeds only 5 cm on the rest of the body, but the tail is the area where it is really long and dense.

With the exception of white dogs, the mask and streaks can always occur, the shades stay clear and the whole is clean and normal.

Giant American Akita

The American Akita is a big dog, there is no particularly large breed, so officially specified since the average height will differ from 61 cm to 71 cm. That’s enough, I’d say. It is often used as a pet in agility trials, as it is very sporty, it is athletic and powerful, well proportioned, with big head and small eyes, upright and not large ears.

American Akita: weight

An adult American Akita’s average weight is 35-45 kg, differs with height and gender, but it is very crucial that these dogs do a lot of movement: particularly if they are confined in an apartment they risk fattening and get tired or vomiting.

Many common health issues in addition to obesity are chronic hypothyroidism and torsion-dilation of the abdomen.

American Akita: price

Being still a rare breed, it’s a breed that costs, besides being famous for the film. It’s hard to find a puppy under the thousand dollars, but the average prices are much lower. Although only recently officially recognized, the American Akita has very ancient origins, it has been used to hunt wild boar, wolves, and above all bears. He then went on to become a fighting dog, but he’s happily known today as a protection and pet dog.


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