Airedale Terrier: character, appearance

Airedale Terrier, a canine breed from Britain recognised by the FCI. To be exact, it is a geographical region of Yorkshire which requires the river Aire valley to give birth to it and has also given its name in addition to its birth. The valley is called Airedale and therefore the dog is named because this place means “valley” in English. The name that always applies to this dog, always in English to make it feel relaxed, is “King of Terriers”: it is the Terriers ‘ biggest. His history, which we go to learn instantly, tell of his background as a tracker, since dogs are often born in England, but in Italy the Airedale Terrier is known above all as a guard or family animal. It can become an excellent defensive dog if needed, by learning how to teach them properly.

Airedale Terrier: character, appearance, origins

We must go back a century and hear about the history of the Airedale Terrier from the fisherman who lived there and who chose this breed by combining Otterhound subjects with Black and Tan Terrier, now extinct breed, in their English canyon.

Originally the dogs purchased were devoted to the otter’s sport: there were actual “hunting the mouse and the otters” contests and only our Airedale Terrier excelled. This doesn’t say he was also interested in killing the bear, the fox, the boar, and the deer. The ancient feature of this breed is to eradicate rats, and as a retriever it was also used. The originaldell’Airedale Terrier is rather old, it was accepted in 1886, in fact it is one of the first dogs hired by the British army, for example it was a messenger in the Flanders trenches during the First World War. Or he was supporting the Red Cross. He started searching for missing people in India, Africa and Canada at the same time.

Airedale Terrier: character, appearance, look

Strong, dark hair, the Airedale Terrier is a medium-sized dog with a very strong, well-proportioned body as a whole. For a weight that ranges between 20 and 25 kilograms, the “whole” at the withers averages 57-59 centimeters. The head of this dog is elongated and built like a parallelepiped from the sharp and definitive voice, with the barely visible stop, the large black truffle, and the ears in the form of a “v” borne laterally and short in proportion to the size. The coat is usually black and bronze, with hard and short hair. It talks to colors like this, though and standard: brown centered on the head and ears, white on the legs, black and dark gray on the rest of the body. Remember that the Airedale Terrier’s fur has to be “stripped” manually and never shaved, washed very well to facilitate the undercoat’s natural replacement to prevent hair loss in a home environment.

Black Airedale Terrier

It is correct that I suggested black or very dark gray as a fur colour, but there is some ambiguity between the Terrier of Airedale and the Terrier of Black Russia. Confusion justified given that the second is a breed approved by the FCI in 1984 and created by the collection of crosses between breeds including ours in Russia in the late forties. The mixtures took place, to be precise, between Rottweiler, Giant Schnauzer, Airedale Terrier. The aim of the creation of the breed was to cultivate with instinct to guard a big, courageous, strong and easily manageable working dog. It had to be multitasking and adaptable even to adverse weather. Let’s note that this time we’re in Russia.

Airedale Terrier: character

With his rapid movements and his very bright, lively voice, he instantly knows himself among a thousand: the Airedale Terrier is a dog attentive to what is happening to him, showing himself brave, confident, determined. It’s a breed that’s also extremely loyal and respectful, aggressive but never opinionated or arrogant to the point of bringing the owner attention.

Overall, however, let’s note that he’s a Terrier and his personality doesn’t deceive him: they’re not easy to train, but like everyone else, they have the unquestionable and natural “choice” to love the game a bit. With boys, they’re great, also delicate, strong, but they like having fun. Therefore, all shows that the Airedale Terrier is suitable for family life: it is faithful to us, it is also suitable for children and, above all, it can coexist peacefully with other species, even with cats, if well trained. He is really very jovial and serene, imaginative and an experimenter as a character: whoever has one says he likes to be taken to new places to explore in our company on long exciting walks. Nor was it for him the “ordinary obsessed stroll” around the flowerbed.

Airedale Terrier: farms

There are 8 farms reported by Enci in Italy for this breed, 4 of which are in Lombardy, 2 in Piedmont, both in Turin and 1 in Veneto and 1 in Tuscany. There are no weak points to look out for as a diagnosis, being a healthy and long-lived animal. The Airedale Terrier is very versatile even as potential owners and meets many types of humanity. There are no issues for apartment life, he loves being outside, but just take some short walks. In this way, the Airedale Terrier, both shepherd and hunting dogs, has a double face and is known as a working dog. He’s very clever and this makes him agile and prepared for anything, even the last one, with a special intuition. It has begun to pay attention in Europe in recent decades to its appeal, aesthetically speaking, 100%, so breeding and activities were born, all aimed at aesthetes and fans of dog shows like “catwalks.”

Airedale Terrier: price

Typically an Airedale Terrier puppy costs at least EUR 800-EUR 900. It depends heavily on each farm and the temperament of the breed, but it is difficult to find it less if everything is in order and the pet is well. Even though the Airedale Terrier is in good health and has no weak points, testing before taking a sample is a good idea.


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