Affenpinscher, unites “affen,” meaning “monkeys” in German, and “pinscher” literally translated as “terrier,” so it is quite clear what kind of breed it is and its nationality as well. The Affenpinscher is a German-born breed, officially recognized by the FCI, but not well-known in the home country.

Affenpinscher: origin

Source in Germany, we said, betrayed by its name in language (Affenpinscher), but it is not common or recognized at all or even in neighboring countries in that region.

His name is associated with the ape-like quality with which he has always fascinated the imagination of us people, some of whom we love him, some of whom we dislike him because of his distinctive eyes. There are various theories on the true origin of this breed, the Affenpinscher. Some equate this breed with the “Griffon of Belgium” because of morphological similarities and it could be a credible way, but there are also discordant voices. Then there are those who suggest ancestors like Hesse Cassel’s and Hesse Darmstadt’s ancient landgraves. The mystery remains with its limited diffusion. Hope, the promised land, for the Affenpinscher as for many many dogs and humans, is in the U.S. where it seems to have hit the spirit and good heart of many dog lovers in recent decades. Maybe a Hollywood takeover will fix his anonymity forever.

Affenpinscher: aspect

Tiny, 3 to 4 kg and 25-30 cm longer, the Affenpinscher is a pet who retains the proportions and a certain harmonious shaping in size. It’s a lightweight, dignified, linear and competitive breed. Of course, to like each other, we have to like his Affen, monkey-like look, which is appealing and friendly to many men. It’s about the gustibus.

The expression is fascinating and encourages a conversation, the round eyes pin us with eyebrows that make up the mask, then on the black there are the clear white teeth. Black is the common and most popular hair color for the Affenpinscher, although there are dogs with black-brownish and black-greyish-colored cloaks in some litters, although very low possibility.

This breed, even amusing, even has on the cheeks and on the head an impressive beard and several feathers. The tail is borne high, low and wide are the Affenpinscher’s paws.

Affenpinscher: character

Faithful, nothing but ape: one can comfortably rest with the Affenpinscher, never, never deceive his master to whom he has been bound since he first met him. His monkey face is often serious, but never lacks its liveliness, rendering it a very friendly pet animal.

The Affenpinscher’s character is very rugged and aggressive, but not wild: it is a cuddly quest for physical contact and affection. Not morbidly, but happily. He wants to follow his trainer everywhere, and since he weights very little, he can do it as well.

This remains an easy sample to bring in your backpack and carry on the street or on a vacation, e.g. with children, so it’s a great baby sitter. He loves to play with them while he devotes himself to driving and taking long walks with the grown-ups.

Additionally, the Affenpinscher is an outstanding hunting dog, whose vocation in practice is more than the nanny ‘s specialty is small rodents and pets like quails, rabbits and small game. His attentive nature at home means he becomes a watchdog who, given his size, does not harass much, but is quick to bark and make himself known at the slightest noise, keeping us on alert.

Affenpinscher: breeds of similar breeds

We’ve spoken about the Belgian Griffon, as a similar race to him, and indeed the word and proportions we can’t say they coincide, but they’re talking to each other there, okay. The Affenpinscher is often compared with the giant Schnauzer, not by weight but for other reasons that I encourage you to explore with this big dog. With colour but not just for color, brown, the Terranova is also put side by side with the monkey dog who doesn’t even get him to the willow. Elective affinities, maybe, or canine affinities like we humans have.


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