Pitbull dog: character and price

Pitbull dog, made in the USA but not officially recognized as a breed, at least. And yet it is recognised, of course, although not accepted, yet sadly always because of the many voices and myths about its supposedly aggressive nature and the apparent force demonstrated by its jaws by making many of us tremble, rightly or wrongly. In fact, the Pitbull Dog breed should be considered reliable, it is definitely not ideal for everyone, but for many other dogs this is also true. With this, it is crucial that the bosses do not need hyper-aggressive attitudes.

Pitbull dog: features

The Pitbull Dog is a medium-sized dog with a form that could be described as rectangular, almost geometrically: the distance from shoulder to hip and that in the more adherent samples of the breed from shoulder to bottom is almost similar.
Seen from above or laterally, the head of this dog appears to be cuneiform, but if we face a Pitbull Dog frontally, its skull is round with a well-developed jaw. The ears don’t show folds, they’re set high and pink, they’re cut unfortunately in some countries. With an oval or triangular shape, the eyes are small and sunken, not particularly sweet but undoubtedly smart by the look. We will see the nose of this breed that it can take on different colors but beyond the colour, it is always well built and with very large nostrils, the neck connects the head to the torso and must be sturdy and robust, moving towards the long and solid back which covers a deep, well-sprung chest. We finish with the tail: pointing but the thick part, usually long to the hock.

Pitbull dog: character

Courageous and resourceful, this strong dog sees a “weak point” in its personality because it is the reason that many, even if lovers of dogs, are not sure that they can be attached to the Pitbull Dog.
Through learning here and listening to the experts, we can think again, giving this race the opportunity to redeem itself. Yes, it will prove to be a dog capable of becoming addicted to a specific human in a particular way, choosing her as complete owner, her regular “fix,” at the heart of her actions and thoughts.
Agile and strong, rustic and alert, the Pitbull is a good defense dog but also an outstanding entertainment companion that is perfect if well-behaved to stay at home. Even with kids. Much depends on how we react to him, being a dog selected for his combative instinct only for decades. That doesn’t mean he’s born and stays violent and “evil,” it’s up to us not to wake up his distant past through a deception that we can denounce or prevent through default.

Pitbull dog: puppies

The Pitbull Dog puppies are born to them in infants known as unrecognized. Never his wife, but the International Federation of Cinetechics (FCI). The breed, which is called the American Pit Bull Terrier in its entirety, is not even approved for the American Kennel Club, it has been accepted so far only by the United Kennel Club, the ADBA has a registry. There are actually two criteria for “evaluating” a puppy.

American Pitbull Dog

Not wanting to replace the specialist references, they are researching the roots of this breed, the American Pit Bull Terrier, one of the ancestors of the legendary molosses used in battle by the Romans.

From that time until the eighteenth century, they were indiscriminately named “Bulldog,” but with the addition of the “Terrier” towards the next century, different breeds began to appear, later renamed, fully developed, American Staffordshire Terriers and all’ American Pit Bull Terrier.’ The first “National Pit Bull League,” all for our Pitbull Dog, was born in 1909.

Pitbull Red Nose Dog

The Red Nose is one of the three noses a Pitbull Dog can have, in reality both the ADBA standard and the UKC standard talk of as many suitable variations as possible:’ black nose,” red nose’ and’ yellow nose.’

We’ve already seen that speaking of Pitbull we want to abbreviate “American Pit Bull Terrier,” it’s not a gesture of contempt or neglect, the same goes for the Amstaff representing American Staffordshire Terrier, and the Staffy representing Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Returning with our pet Pitbull, he’s just struggling to be accepted by the AKC, the biggest American dog breeder, whereas he’s already pocketed the okay of the others: UKC and ADBA.

Pitbull dog as a guard dog

The Pitbull Dog is often among the favourites of those searching for a guard dog for his physique but also for his personality. In fact, it is a force in this class of animals, despite being of medium-small size, and instantly gives the impression of great power and dynamism.

He is strong and very muscular, but also flexible and versatile. He squares the perpetrator and the attacker with a focused, critical and cautious hand, but appears graceful and attentive to his surroundings. If you’re not a Pitbull, you can’t ask more of an inspector.


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