Bull terrier: characteristics, origins, dimensions and price

Bull terrier: it comes from Great Britain, from the nineteenth century, although since 1933 it has been an official breed. The bull terrier is part of group 3, “chapter” terriers and what we know today comes directly from the “Bull and Terrier,” tough dog fighting, but it is the product of the interaction between the Old English Bulldog and various terrier types.

Bull terrier: origins

The bull terrier’s history is fascinating and it is important to know it to appreciate both its personality and its physical aspect that we will see later. We have to go to Britain in the nineteenth century, when there was heavy combat between different kinds of dogs or even between dogs and other animals, such as wolves.

The “Bear,” bulldog in the first place, more aggressive and fierce, was just chosen to compete in these struggles. It is specifically in this search for the fiercest champion that the bull terrier has arisen in an attempt to achieve a more competitive and aggressive breed, driven and destroyed. What began by crossing the bulldog with some terriers, and an “ideal” dog was born, the “Bull and Terrier,” and crossed again with the “Black English Terrier,” the “Dalmatian” and other breeds. The result was the bull terrier, the first breed society was born in 1887, the official recognition in 1933, struggled, dirty but warranted. The first known example of a bull terrier, a woman named Puss, was born in 1862 when the first “new” bull terrier arrived in 1917, after another hybrid between Puss and ancestors, as well as other breeds such as Dalmatian, Greyhound, Spanish Pointer, Foxhound and Whippet, Collie. The goal of these “adjustments” was to improve the bull terrier’s beauty and, in general, to the the nose’s “stop.”

Bull terrier: color

Born white, but with health problems, the bull terrier often acquires variations with other colors and was only part of the breed in the 1950s, not white. The “tigrato” is usually the favorite color among the “black” people. The variant is based on the scale of the bull terrier theme: the miniature has arrived. Even more pet dog “model.”

Bull terrier: dimensions

The bull terrier, apart from miniatures, is lightweight and sturdy, medium-sized, powerful, heavy and very muscular. The peculiarity is his face, unusual in its kind: many bull terrier rivals would ridicule him by showing him an “egg head” or “tapir,” but his speech has nothing to do with him, just intelligent and determined.

The bull terrier, except for the miniatures with a maximum height of 35.5 cm at the withers, has no weight or height limits. The male is approximately 28-30 kg for the weight, while the female is approximately 22-24 kg. The eyes of the bull terrier , which looks a little uneasy, and makes it perhaps with the worst air of other colleagues, must be small and triangular, dark. The chest is long and sturdy, the rounded tail, the short back and the large black truffle. The ears must be kept straight, thin, delicate and close together, the tail is long and tight, even the fur is short, smooth, ideally black, but the bull terrier’s colors are in fact 4. Besides the bull terrier gray, with paint spots allowed only on the chest, but there is also the tiger bull terrier, the painted, where black or brown predominates over white, and the tricolor, where the total of black and brown colors predominates over white.

Bull terrier: character

Let us not be scared if the bull terrier is dubbed “the gladiator of the dog breeds,” he is definitely a courageous and committed dog but he is gentle and not intolerant to the training even if he wants a trainer who knows how to manage him by being trusted, teaching him with determination and reliability.

The bull terrier is a quiet dog, he’s discreet with strangers when he’s with people he knows, unless he sees them as a threat. Therefore, it is better to have a sticky sign that beautifully notifies his presence. Particularly affectionate and gentle, it is a true companion dog, the bull terrier, and a great companion for children’s games, walking for the owner. Short runs, if not rides: we find that the bull terrier needs a lot of exercise, at least 1 hour a day, then with several hours of sleep unscrupulously paid. Even a bull terrier puppy is able to sleep over 50% of the day.

The bull terrier finds himself well with men, and those who take one are best able to allow him to socialize quickly with humans and animals in order to form a safe and sociable personality.

At first sight it can be seen that it is a robust and healthy dog, usually it does not present particular health problems or weak points even if it is said that the white bull terrier is often more sensitive to allergies and dermatitis.

Bull terrier: price


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