When the puppy crosses our house’s threshold, it’s always an enjoyable moment and filled with fresh experiences, particularly for those who never had a pet.

What to purchase, how to act, how to teach the fresh puppy: so many questions have been asked.
That’s why, thanks to the contribution of Claudia Zanaboni, a graduate in veterinary medicine, Maxi Zoo, part of the German group Fressnapf, the biggest European retail chain devoted to animal food and accessories, has gathered some easy but basic tips to cope with serenity in the first moments together with your pet.

  1. Prepare the environment in the right way for both puppies and cats, it is better to dedicate a limited area of the house to the newcomer at the beginning, which will be the space where, as an adult, it will probably be more willingly and predominantly. From the first day, the pet must know which areas it can access and which are forbidden. It is also essential to allow him to “vent” his energy, perhaps with frequent outdoor walks and, of course, with unique games to chew on, with scratching posts for cats or particular puppet meals to avoid spilling his vitality on objects or furniture.
  2. If you already have another animal, if there are two animals, it is essential to make it gradually come into touch with the puppy, preferably in a neutral setting, as an invasion could be viewed as the entry of a foreign animal into its own room. The meeting must take place between the newcomer and the other animal in the presence of a individual who oversees the approach time.
  3. A “no” is forever It is nice to remember that puppies are true sponges, particularly dogs and in the first months of life, as well as animals of excellent habit: they learn rapidly what needs to be done and what, instead, no. That’s why it’s necessary to start educating the puppy with him from the first minute, so he won’t have any confused ideas: what we don’t want him to do as an adult won’t even be permitted as a puppy. The “prohibitions” must be enforced with a sharp “No!” in a decisive manner, and all members of the family must share the instructional imprint.
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