What are the Apartment dogs (small size): the perfect breeds for keeping it indoors ?

As we understand, the dog is the greatest friend of man ever. But not everyone understands that all animals are coming down straight from the wolf and that it was the first animal to be domesticated by humans, well 135,000 years ago, according to research conducted by the renowned scientist R. Wayne and not from 14,000 years ago, as even on some authoritative texts we often read incorrectly.

First and foremost, all dogs are beautiful creatures that must be respected, pampered, loved and fulfilled in all their requirements. And it is precisely these last ones, the needs, that those who live in a small apartment in a condominium must take into account, perhaps without a garden, and decide to adopt a puppy. In this, it is advisable to opt for tiny dogs that do not require excessive motion attention, given that the room in an apartment is quite tiny (at least from a dog’s point of perspective) and does not give much physical exercise liberty.

But not all races of tiny dogs are appropriate to live in a home. Terriers, for instance, are not often appropriate, although tiny in size, as they have a very elevated dynamism and require a lot of ovation (digging and running), having initially been born as mice and rodents hunters in particular. Clearly we’re talking about general features: there are terriers (such as Jack Russell) living in an apartment very well.

The so-called’ lap or sitting dogs’ stand out among the dozens of tiny breeds that are perfect for living at home. So what are the perfect races to live in an apartment? Here are the finest races, the most appropriate for living and sharing our rooms and our daily lives. We often live in homes (or even mini-apartments), where space is not so much, and we have to choose the correct breed to create our 4-legged friend feel great. Obviously, the ideal would be to have a garden or an open space, which is not always feasible to live in the town. But it is still feasible to have certain habits in the lack of an internal room to make sure our dog is comfortable with us at home.

Not having a garden we must, as masters, know that for lengthy walks it will often be essential to bring it, to the park, to socialize with the other animals. Remember that bigger dogs or very’ vigorous’ dogs need more movement, and outside the home physical activity is crucial. Let’s not forget, though, that sharing their living room with us requires that they be carried out at least a few times a day to create their requirements…

An significant recommendation: the application for a puppy often begins with our kids in many households. Remember that having a dog involves dedication and after a couple of months is not something that’ comes out of fashion.’ We need to realize that taking a dog means’ increasing’ a fresh element to our family. Dogs are social animals, with their’ pack’ (in this case us) they want to be. We also remember that kids can derive huge educational advantages from having an animal at home and sharing rooms with them if they are correctly trained.

Let’s organize the definition of’ his’ spaces right now: the place of food and water (which he must always have at his disposal) and the place of his kennel: away from noise and chaos: the place where he / she will go when he / she wishes to be in peace!

How many times have we been requested by a friend of ours to “look for a tiny dog, what advice would you offer me?” Well, this article is produced to answer that question. Let’s see together which are the smallest dogs best suited for living in the apartment with us: whatever dog you choose, you will surely have a smart dog with you and your loyal (indeed loyal!) companion!

1. The Chihuahua (Chiwawa)

The Chihuahua (Chiwawa) is the world’s smallest dog and has a strong reputation. It is an ancient race, descended from the Techichi, a Toltec-born dog, people who preceded the Aztecs in Mexico’s central region. Went to Europe after World War II.

Very tiny, this dog weighs 0.9 to 2 kg on average. Its tiny size makes it an ideal, if not the most appropriate, dog for living in an apartment. It can even make you live like a cat, can live in a little box if you wish.

If, on the contrary, a Chihuahua’s proprietor never wishes to be separated from his tender companion, he has excellent liberty of motion: he can readily bring it by vehicle, train, metro or plane with him. Our little friend does not seem to be concerned with the sign “no dogs permitted.” Generally speaking, hotels and restaurants do not refuse to accept such a tiny dog, which can go unnoticed completely.

2. The Pug

The Pug is certainly the oldest and most valued “tiny dog of apartment.” Consider that it has been the object of the attention of princes, kings and even emperors since the end of the sixteenth century. “Fortunè,” the pug by Giuseppina Bonaparte, who obstinately stopped Napoleon from entering the space of his mistress, continues the most popular, perhaps, in history.

The reality of being a fashionable dog is also due to the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, who indicated their preference for the breed and who, at the core of worldly news, did not miss an chance to be photographed in the business of their pugs or to spend a term for them during interviews, thus generating a true promotional campaign for the breed.

The Pug is basically a very sociable dog and it’s uncommon for him to make his voice heard a bit. Then it’s not a sporting dog: he needs brief walks. He loves being in contact with children and as long as they don’t bother him too much, he likes to engage in their games. It’s a simple-good animal with a very balanced temper. It is produced for those who want to feel near to them a presence that is continuous but never intrusive.

All of these characteristics make the Pug an ideal dog for living in an apartment.

3. The French bulldog

It is well established that the French bulldog appeared in France in its current form only at the end of the nineteenth century, while its remote origins remain highly doubtful. One thing that is certain is that these tiny, excentric-looking dogs were the dogs that the Parisian Belle Epoque women favored.

Those who know him are explicit: from all points of perspective, the French bulldog is an incredible dog. This animal, whose ancestors were wild fighters, is one of today’s most affectionate and delicate dogs, including one of the most sought-after dogs. Child by nature, he requires the presence of his “masters;” he will stay calm in the business of the elderly or sick; will happily share children’s sometimes chaotic matches; lastly, he will never be hostile to the clients and will show exemplary courtesy.

He is so willing to react to the expectations of those he lives with that he may face hazards he is rarely conscious of, so much so that his master sometimes has to intervene to safeguard him from himself.

But maybe this is the charm of this wonderful dog, making him one of the most appropriate animals for living in an apartment.

4. The Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is the Americans ‘ first race. It comes down from the British fighting dogs in the Xth century chosen for the cross and is therefore a distant relative of the Pit Bull.

He is a very sociable, vibrant and smart dog, contrary to what his family tree might suggest. The only “behavioral souvenirs” he kept from his Bulldog ancestors, is the bravery that can show when attacked, despite its rather light constitution, and the equilibrium of personality that it demonstrates in an exemplary way, as it has nothing of the grumpy or readily annoyed dog.

To entertain those around them, they are playful, alert, alert, silent and enjoy jokes. In fact, it possesses a number of features that make it one of the most appropriate animals for a companion dog’s function: it is proud and dignified, highly affectionate, and constantly tries to please its “masters,” to whom it dedicates its soul and body.

They’re also great kids playmates.

5. The Pekingese

From all new of perspective, Pekingese is an extraordinary dog.

The legend says the Beijing was born out of a lion’s affection for a monkey. Long ago, a fawn lion fell in love with a small monkey at a moment when lions were present in the Far East. Taken in despair, the king of animals reported everything to God Hai Ho, who, from the height of his infinite wisdom, made a choice, addressing these words to the lion: “If you agree to sacrifice your size and power for the love you have for this little monk, I will consent and bless your union.” Thus the Pekingese was born, who inherited bravery, nobility, and pride from his dad, and the size, intelligence, and sweetness from his mom.

However, the Pekingese’s origin is lost in the mists of time, as demonstrated, for instance, by a more than 4,000-year-old Korean bronze, which certainly reflects it.

He is an autonomous dog, very proud, complete of himself, born an aristocrat, snobbish. He often conquers both his fascinating character and his unique attitudes, such as dignity, security, courage, and a penetrating intelligence, which often proves judgment and finesse. He doesn’t fear anything and no one and let him live in an apartment with the people he loves, it’s one of the things that makes him happier, provided he doesn’t cohabit with other animals who would take benefit of him forcibly.

Since the breeds of tiny dogs are definitely more than 5 appropriate for staying in the apartment, we are adding here to our readers other breeds of our 4-legged buddies that can make us company at home.


This breed, initially born (and chosen) for hunting foxes (particularly in England), is now almost all over the planet. He’s a super-affected, super-energetic, super-fellow dog.

The adjective’ super’ is wasted with them: they are tiny dogs, but they are very resistant, muscular and enjoy great health in general. Short hair (does not involve brushing quodidiani), good for kids and the elderly.

Being playful and extremely vigorous as written before, it requires a lot of motion, a lot of motion. Take him to run, let him play at home, you’ll see he’s never going to pull back. He is usually very near to his master and sociable with strangers as well. One thing is certain: you’ll never get bored with a family jack russell!


The Italian fox is a docile dog of love. He’s generally a little suspicious of strangers, very attached to his family. A very patient dog with both kids and the elderly is a thick coat that needs daily brushing.

It is a race whose origins are Italian, with a tendency to’ make itself heard’ often (read: it tends to bark a lot). Therefore, proper education is vital to prevent too much disturbing our neighbors…


The Maltese is a tiny dog ideal even in tiny flats for living with us. He’s a quiet dog who likes to take lengthy outdoor walks in any event.

He’s always going to look for your business, super affectionate with his master. She’ll conquer the whole family in 5 minutes with her playful hairy’ plush’ look!


Yorkshire is a dog that is very appropriate for living in an apartment because of its tiny size. But he has to do so much motion as being a terrier: let’s often take him for pleasant walks and run him a little.

Very affectionate and very good for both adults and kids. Keep in mind that it has a rather extensive hair coat: if someone in the family is allergic to canine hair, it might be an issue.


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